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1077 Bp., Király street 53. 3rd floor
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The location

In the centre of Budapest, Király Street was always bustling with cafés, salons and nightclubs lining the doorways. The way of catering has changed a lot, but the essence has not: Budapest's inspiring historic walls only make the TABLE experience that much more special.

The interior

The third-floor apartment of this bourgeois architecture building was literally reborn from the dust, and now it seems that it was always meant to be: exciting eclecticism, a burst of colour, giant contemporary paintings on the walls, comfy chairs, sparkling Sputnik lamps - in other words, to be the TABLE. Every detail of this impressive interior was created with the intention of making you feel at home. That's what we want!


Table Restaurant
Király street 53. 3rd floor
Budapest 1077

Description of the site

  • The private restaurant is located on the 3rd floor
  • Base area: 190 m2

  • Lounge and bar: 30 m2
  • Dining area: 60 m2
  • Open and back kitchen: 35 m2
  • Women's and men's toilets
  • Entrance hall and smoking room
  • Cloakroom
  • Not accessible for people with reduced mobility

Kitchen equipment

  • 3 m granite countertop, industrial extraction

  • GN size industrial oven

  • Basic kitchen technology and equipment
  • Industrial induction hobs

  • Refrigerated workbench, GN size fridge
    Standing and horizontal freezer

  • Sous vide machine, dehydrator, smoker, grill, air fryer
  • KitchenAid products
  • Thermomix

  • Industrial dishwasher

Technical equipment

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Flipchart (2pcs)
  • 5:1 sound system
  • Head- and handheld microphones
  • WI-FI
  • Ampacity: 3 x 32 Amps


TABLE is never boring during the day, but the night lights change everything! Whether you sit at the mysteriously lit marble bar in the speakeasy bar or the candlelit table setting, it's an atmosphere you'll remember for a long time.

Why Table?

We could have taken the easy way out, but we've taken the exciting way: providing a private dining experience and event management that is tailored to you, your needs and every element of your experience.

Ask for a quote

With just a few clicks and by filling in a simple questionnaire, you will receive your personalised TABLE offer.


A culinary adventure around the world? You've come to the right place: our cooking classes will teach you every little dish to make you shine at home.

Gift voucher
5 000 Ft

For yourself, for friends, for relatives, for a birthday, a name day or just for the fun of it: gift vouchers are always a good idea.

Gift voucher
10 000 Ft

For yourself, for friends, for relatives, for a birthday, a name day or just for the fun of it: gift vouchers are always a good idea.

Private cooking course (min 4 pers.)
35 000 Ft
/ person

Create your own culinary masterpieces with personalised gastronomic experiences and the help of renowned chefs!

Regular guest offer
75 000 Ft
/ person

Italian, Spanish, Thai? You don't have to choose: we'll teach you how to prepare world cuisine and even give you a gift!

Garden party cooking course
25 000 Ft
/ person

Summer and family-friend barbecues are coming, but you're tired of chicken breasts and corn salad? Then this is your cooking class.

Date: 2024 June 1.
Start of Hungarian course: 09:00
Spanish tapas cooking course
25 000 Ft
/ person

You can devour Spain bite by bite and soak up all the knowledge of tapas while you're at it! Is there anything more heavenly?

Date: 2024 June 12.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00
Treasures of Peru cooking course
25 000 Ft
/ person

An exotic adventure that starts in the kitchen: once you've experienced Peru's vibrant and rich flavours, you won't soon want to leave. We guarantee it!

Date: 2024 June 19.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00
Bella Italia cooking course
25 000 Ft
/ person

Start the day with us with some mimosa and Eszter, who will show you that benedict eggs are not as complicated as you think!

Date: 2024 June 26.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00
Fingerfood course with cocktail variations
25 000 Ft
/ person

Sophisticatedly composed, small bites and excellent cocktails: can you think of a better pairing? With this cooking course, you can be the host of the party!

Date: 2024 July 10.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00
Mexican cooking class
25 000 Ft
/ person

A riot of flavours from the home of chilli and corn: we'll help you bring vibrant Mexico into your home with ease!

Date: 2024 July 17.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00
Scotch whiskey training
25 000 Ft
/ person

Join TABLE Bar manager Mark as he takes you on a journey into the legendary world of Scotch whisky. Taste, learn cocktail making!

Date: 2024 October 24.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Theme evenings

Food, cocktails, music - TABLE's themed evenings give you a good deal of everything. Choose a world and we'll bring it to you through its kitchen!

Mexican Dinner Night
30 000 Ft
/ person

TABLE is inextricably linked to the home of tequila, as Eszter spent a year enjoying the colours and flavours of Mexico. Experience it for yourself!

Date: 2024 May 17.
Caribbean Dinner Night
30 000 Ft
/ person

To great success..., they say, and we say the same about our Caribbean dinner party. Unforgettably exciting!

Date: 2024 June 6.
Far East dinner evening
30 000 Ft
/ person

This dinner evening will bring the Far East closer to you: both those who are new to the cuisine and passionate "East-lovers" are welcome!

Date: 2024 September 25.
One night in New Orleans
30 000 Ft
/ person

Cocktails, spicy crab dishes and jazz - it's got to be New Orleans! Or the TABLE, where you can indulge in the feel of the place.

Date: 2024 October 18.
Bourbon dinner evening
30 000 Ft
/ person

Bourbon dinner night with drinks tasting and cocktail pairing again! Prepare all your taste buds for something quite amazing.

Date: 2024 November 8.
Ramen night with sake tasting and cocktail pairing
30 000 Ft
/ person

In the first part of the Gaijin pop-up, we're preparing a Japanese food and drink dinner: it's Ramen night, with a touch of oriental cuisine and cocktails.

Date: 2024 November 22.