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1077 Bp., Király street 53. 3rd floor
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Good times

Dinner night
TABLE is a private restaurant where you can't just walk in off the street. And that's the point! But if you've booked your place and you're here, you can expect a sensational venue and atmosphere. TABLE's owner Eszter will set the table with delicious bites, and in the evening you'll sample the food of the themed evening, while you mix yourself a drink and get a glimpse of the kitchen - bartender, chef, attentive service to cater to your every need. Come and join us for a TABLE dinner, you're sure to get a taste for it!

Just like home

Celebrate your birthday with us! You can come with friends or spend the evening with your family, the important thing is to share it with the people you care about - best if it's organised by TABLE. At a private event, everything will be just as you imagined it, and we'll create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that feels like home. You will receive a full, personalised service and of course we won't forget the cake and balloons!

Game over

Stag do /
Bachelor party
Have fun, have a cocktail before the "big day"! The TABLE's downtown location and extravagant interior are not the only reasons why it's a great place for a private hen/stag party. We know how important this evening is, so we're prepared with food, drinks and music to make it unforgettable.

Bring the team

Corporate event
Whether it's an exclusive company dinner, a cookout with colleagues, a press event, a casual meeting or an art auction, we can help you redefine your ideas about team building and business representation. You can ask for a special tasting of your chosen gastronomy and cocktails, cook a menu together. TABLE's exclusive yet light character can be enjoyed in the guest lounge, speakeasy bar and cigar room. But it's not just the kitchen that's well-equipped: we provide professional sound and office technology.

Let the bells ring

More and more people are imagining their wedding in a small circle, and we totally understand and support that! For one day, we'll turn the TABLE space into the most important place in your life: we'll prepare and serve a bespoke menu, mix special drinks at the exclusive bar with marble counter, and decorate the interior from top to bottom. We have everything you need to start your life together with warm and memorable moments.

Unbridled fun

Children's party
Birthdays, name days, christenings - children love to celebrate with friends and family. Why should you have your party at TABLE? Because you don't have to worry about spilling soda on the couch and you don't have to hide your favourite china in the bottom of your drawers. Just book the TABLE venue and we'll agree all the details beforehand: the menu, any food allergies, the visual elements, and let the kiddie party begin!


Food + Passion + Love

Food + Passion + Love

Food + Passion + Love

Why is it good at our place?

In short: because you can feel at home here. TABLE is not your usual venue, so think of it as your home for the day. It's a special place where you can step out of the hustle and bustle and relax with friends and loved ones.
  • Mid-century glamour and velvet surfaces meet classic architectural features
  • Our guest rooms are decorated with stunning contemporary paintings and iconic vintage furnishings
  • We prepare your cocktails at the elegant marble bar of our speakeasy bar
  • Our kitchen is open for you, if you are curious about our gastronomic secrets
  • You can unbutton your jacket in our cigar room, no one will think it's inappropriate
  • Arrive with family, friends, colleagues or business clients and the world will revolve around you for an evening

Come and experience the real flavours.

Although the strength of TABLE private restaurant is its relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a touch of extravagance, we never forget the high quality of the food served and the menus cooked together. Come and see for yourself!