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1077 Bp., Király street 53. 3rd floor
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Regular guest offer

Regular guest offer

Choose 3 cooking courses and be our guest for the fourth!

75 000 Ft

Become a TABLE regular! If you're a fan of the flavours of the world's cuisines and want to master all the little dishes, we've got good news: if you buy tickets for 3 cooking courses at the same time, you'll be our guest for the fourth! This way you can make your cooking skills and your kitchen even more exciting, to impress all your family and guests!

Good to know:

  • The Regular Guest Offer can be redeemed for any 3 cooking courses organised by TABLE and you can choose your gift.
  • The voucher will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.
  • On request, if you would like to give it as a gift, we can create a personalised voucher.
  • The TABLE Regular Guest Offer is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • It can be extended once by paying a 25% surcharge. Valid for 1 year after renewal.

Other programmes

Fingerfood course with cocktail variations

25 000 Ft
Sophisticatedly composed, small bites and excellent cocktails: can you think of a better pairing? With this cooking course, you can be the host of the party!
Date: 2024 July 10.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Treasures of Peru cooking course

25 000 Ft
An exotic adventure that starts in the kitchen: once you've experienced Peru's vibrant and rich flavours, you won't soon want to leave. We guarantee it!
Date: 2024 June 19.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Bella Italia cooking course

25 000 Ft
Start the day with us with some mimosa and Eszter, who will show you that benedict eggs are not as complicated as you think!
Date: 2024 June 11.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Garden party cooking course

25 000 Ft
Summer and family-friend barbecues are coming, but you're tired of chicken breasts and corn salad? Then this is your cooking class.
Date: 2024 June 1.
Start of Hungarian course: 09:00

Scotch whiskey training

25 000 Ft
Join TABLE Bar manager Mark as he takes you on a journey into the legendary world of Scotch whisky. Taste, learn cocktail making!
Date: 2024 October 24.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Korean cooking course

25 000 Ft
Are you crazy about Korean cuisine? Esther, the owner of TABLE, will introduce you to kimchi, special shrimp dishes and spice secrets.
Date: 2024 June 5.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Spanish tapas cooking course

25 000 Ft
You can devour Spain bite by bite and soak up all the knowledge of tapas while you're at it! Is there anything more heavenly?
Date: 2024 June 12.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00

Mexican cooking class

25 000 Ft
A riot of flavours from the home of chilli and corn: we'll help you bring vibrant Mexico into your home with ease!
Date: 2024 July 17.
Start of Hungarian course: 18:00