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1077 Bp., Király street 53. 3rd floor
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Far East dinner evening

Far East dinner evening

30 000 Ft

A spring roll to open and a delicious mango mousse to close the menu, and of course, the heavenly things served in between! Interactive drinks tasting will add colour to the evening and, as you've come to expect from TABLE dinners, cocktails are specially created for the occasion - don't be surprised if you discover certain flavours and aromas in the drinks rather than the food. Chef Lưu Trọng Vinh will be preparing the evening's dishes.

Cheesburger spring roll, mango salad
Hanoi ramen (Vietnamese+Japanese)
Fried chicken terrine, caramel jus, rice, salad, pickled radish
Mango mousse


2024 Szeptember 25. (Szerda)




Eszter Fodor Dalma

Only 24 places left

Only 24 places left

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